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Uses of Demography Much sociology appears ethereal and difficult to grasp. Demography is one of the more pragmatic areas of Sociology (See Weeks, 1996:5). A. Demography and Business Business can put the study of population to specific uses. If, for example, a business sells a product that is desired by age-specific groups, that business can use the census to discover communities where members of that age-specific group live. For example, a business may want to open an automobile dealership that specializes in expensive sports cars. Demographic awareness could help the potential dealer in finding neighborhoods where young and middle-aged affluent people live. Placing a Corvette shop in a working-class community populated mainly by low-income middle-aged and elderly people could be disastrous. B. Demography and Government Demography is also an essential tool used in ensuring equal representation in
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Unformatted text preview: Congress. Population distribution determines the makeup of the House of Representatives. As people move from one state to another, the makeup of the House of Representatives changes (See Weeks, 1996:10-11). The last reapportionment occurred in 2000 at the Federal level. Sunbelt states gained seats in congress while Rust-belt states lost seats. Assuming the South continues to vote Republican, reapportionment could help the Republicans gain seats in the House of Representatives in the next decade. C. Allocation of Money for Social Services: This point also pertains to the relationship between Demography and the Government (part B). Given that it is important for the allocation of money to poor people, one can understand why disadvantaged groups in society are at a farther disadvantage when the Census Bureau under counts those populations....
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