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V - V A 1 Why Study Sociology Careers in Sociology Within...

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V. Why Study Sociology? A. Careers in Sociology 1. Within Academia Most employment specifically in sociology occurs in the context of academia . Colleges and universities often hire sociologists where they teach or engage in social research. 2. Outside Academia - Applied Sociology Henslin (2006:8) contends that applied sociology lies between the two positions articulated by C. Wright Mills and Talcott Parsons . Applied sociology is one area when sociologists might find employment outside academia. These efforts do not fall in the realm of social reform. Applied sociology does not, for example, advocate rebuilding society. Rather, it tackles specific problems. Example: An applied sociologist might be employed at a computer company developing user-centered software. Outside the university, applied sociologists use sociology to solve specific social problems . Applied sociologists may focus on problems in the work place or “virtually
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