What is of interest to the sociologist of deviance is

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What is of interest to the sociologist of deviance is: The dynamic quality of condemnation, that is, the acts that once attracted more condemnation now attract far less, or none. How common the activity is What is condemned is not a universal, but culture - specific, actor - specific, and situation-specific Who, What, Where, and When: Deviance 1. Degree of consent 2. Nature of the sexual object 3. Nature of the sex act 4. The setting in which the act occur. 5. Also, The how often question: sex addict versus impotent or frigid.
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Unformatted text preview: A MAJOR NATIONALLY REPRESENTATIVE SEX SURVEY • Ken Plummer (1983) classifies sex research into four "main traditions" 1. The Clinical Tradition of Freud and the psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists 2. The "social bookkeeping" tradition of Alfred Kinsey and other survey-takers 3. The Experimental Method of Masters and Johnson and many other psychologists 4. The descriptive/ethnographic/symbolic interactionist tradition of anthropologists and participant observation sociologist....
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