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Why do Minorities Continue in Society

Why do Minorities Continue in Society - benefit are more...

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Why do Minorities Continue in Society? A. Minorities Lack Power Resources. Resources could take the form of property, money, position, or organization. B. People in Society Benefit Members of the elite as well as members of the general population benefit from the existence of minorities. From the stand point of the general public minorities provide scapegoat goats. Deviantizing minorities takes people out of competition for jobs, housing, and education. From the point of view of the elite, minorities represent groups where more profit can be extracted. C. Culture and Structure are Generally Accepted Most people accept the structural and cultural patterns in society and see little reason to change them . It takes a long time for social patterns to develop. Those patterns seem functional, especially to those who benefit from their existence. Therefore, those who
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Unformatted text preview: benefit are more resistant to change. Remember the idea of "Tyranny of the majority?" Most of the population is willing to let a minority of people suffer high rates of unemployment and poverty. D. Changing the Status Quo Is Costly Change means that those with resources will have to pay higher taxes as well as give up existing advantages. In the 1990s Americans are not very interested in paying taxes either. E. Ideology Perpetuates Minority Position The dominant group always develops a set of values and beliefs which justify existing inequality. The justification is an attempt to rationalize the inequality. Once established, ideology becomes an integral part of social structure and is, therefore, difficult to change. Racist beliefs are examples of ideology ....
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