Why - • Within violent family 1 Degree/intensity 2...

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Why? Patriarchy: Male--power Economic dependency Common Law-"Rule of Thumb Unemployment 2x as likely Part-time 3x as likely Poverty: 6x more likely (lowest vs. highest class) Failure Powerlessness Stress Why Stay? Blaming the victim (Talk shows--both sick) Common, learned helplessness--Cultural Woman's value--relation to man Women- lack of control over lives
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Unformatted text preview: • Within violent family 1. Degree/intensity 2. Frequency 3. As these vary==> leave • Resource availability • Sherman and Beck: Minneapolis 1. Call back: 2. 37% advised 3. 33% off premise 4. 19% arrested 5. Major impact on policing-arrest rate up (4x in NY) 6. Problem with replication: employment status as intervening variable....
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