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3 Basic Types of Joints - 4 Temporal forms parts of the...

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3 Basic Types of Joints (articulations): 1. SYNARTHROTIC - immoveable joint, such as bones in the skull, these junctions are called SUTURES. - Fibrous Joints 2. AMPHIARTHROTIC - slightly moveable joint, vertebrae - Cartilaginous Joints 3. DIARTHROTIC - freely moveable joint, such as shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, fingers… --these joints are enclosed within a fibrous capsule which contains a lubricating fluid called SYNOVIAL fluid. These are called SYNOVIAL JOINTS. Ball & Socket Hinge Pivot Saddle Bones of the Skull 1. Frontal - anterior portion above eyes 2. Parietal - one on each side of the skull, just behind frontal bone 3. Occipital - forms the back of the skull and base of the cranium
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Temporal - forms parts of the sides and base of cranium 5. Sphenoid - wedged between several other bones in anterior portion of the cranium 6. Maxilla - forms upper jaws 7. Mandible - lower jaws, only moveable bone of the skull Sutures 1. Coronal - between frontal and parietal bones 2. Lambdoidal - between occipital and parietal bones 3. Squamosal - between temporal and parietal bones 4. Sagittal - between parietal bones Fontanels - "soft spots" of an infant's skull, see page 143- anterior fontanel, posterior fontanel, sphenoid fontanel, mastoid fontanel Foramen Magnum - Large opening through the underside of the skull, spinal cord enters skull...
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3 Basic Types of Joints - 4 Temporal forms parts of the...

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