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An Overview of Anatomy and Physiology

An Overview of Anatomy and Physiology - An Overview of...

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An Overview of Anatomy and Physiology Most of us are naturally curious about our bodies; we want to know what makes us tick. This curiosity is seen in infants, who can keep themselves happy for a long time staring at their own hands or pulling their mother’s nose. Older children wonder where food goes when they swallow it, and some believe that they will grow a watermelon in their belly if they swallow the seeds. They scream loudly when approached by medical personnel (fearing shots that sting), but they like to play doctor. Adults become upset when their hearts pound, when they have uncontrollable hot flashes, or when they cannot keep their weight down. Anatomy and physiology, subdivisions of biology, explore many of these topics as they describe how our bodies are put together and how they work. Anatomy Anatomy (ah-nat-o-me) is the study of the structure and shape of the body and body parts and their relationships to one another. Whenever we look at our own body or study large body
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