Anterior Body Landmarks

Anterior Body Landmarks - crural (kroo-ral): leg digital...

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Anterior Body Landmarks Look at Figure 1.5a to find the following body regions. Once you have identified all the anterior body landmarks, cover the labels that describe what the structures are, and again go through the list, pointing out these areas on your own body. abdominal (ab-dom-˘ı-nal): anterior body trunk inferior to ribs acromial (ah-kro-me-ul): point of shoulder antecubital (an0te-ku-b˘ı-tal): anterior surface of elbow axillary (ak-s˘ı-lar0e): armpit brachial (bra-ke-al): arm buccal (buk-al): cheek area carpal (kar-pal): wrist cervical (ser-v˘ı-kal): neck region coxal (kox-al): hip
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Unformatted text preview: crural (kroo-ral): leg digital (dij--tal): fingers, toes femoral (fem-or-al): thigh fibular (fib-u-lar): lateral part of leg inguinal (in-gw-nal): area where thigh meets body trunk; groin nasal (na-zul): nose area oral (o-ral): mouth orbital (or-b-tal): eye area patellar (pah-tel-er): anterior knee pelvic (pel-vik): area overlying the pelvis anteriorly pubic (pu-bik): genital region sternal (ster-nul): breastbone area tarsal (tar-sal): ankle region thoracic (tho-ras-ik): chest umbilical (um-bil--kal): navel...
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