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BONE STRUCTURE: "LONG BONE" = typical bone Major parts: 1. EPIPHYSIS - expanded ends of bone. ARTICULATES (forms a joint) with another bone. 2. DIAPHYSIS - shaft of the bone 3. ARTICULAR CARTILAGE - hyaline cartilage covering the ends of bones 4. PERIOSTEUM - tough membrane-like covering over entire bone, except for articular cartilage. Connects with tendons and ligaments. Forms bone tissue.
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Unformatted text preview: MEDULLARY CAVITY - hollow chamber within the diaphysis connects to spaces in spongy bone. Filled with soft specialized tissue called bone marrow. " Red Marrow - mainly in spongy bone in adults. Produces blood cells " Yellow Marrow - fat storage. Replaces much of the red marrow in diaphysis through childhood ENDOSTEUM - lining of the medullary cavity...
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