Convergence and common descent

Convergence and common descent - Convergence and common...

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Convergence and common descent Summary of problems with claim: This is another instance where Explore Evolution uses ambiguous language to confuse students, rather than bring clarity to a subject. It is entirely predictable that shared selective pressures would produce superficial similarities from dissimilar anatomical structures. We expect the underlying anatomy to reveal underlying evolutionary relationships; superficial similarities are not expected to be evolutionarily informative. Full discussion: Explore Evolution claims: For other scientists, the phenomenon of convergence raises doubts about how significant homology really is as evidence for Common Descent. Convergence, by definition, affirms that similar structures do not necessarily point to common ancestry. … But if similar features can point to having a common ancestor — and to not having a common ancestor — how much does "homology" really tell us about the history of life? EE
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