First Year - 4 years Stands heel to toe 15 sec., eyes...

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First Year Good head balance Reaches for object Transfers objects from hand to hand Sitting at 6 months Pulls to standing at 9-10 months Cruises furniture Takes first steps 18-24 months Opens a small box Marks with a pencil Seats self in small chair Points Feeds self with spoon Places square and circle in formboard Builds a 3 block tower 24-36 months Turns pages of a book Scribbles with pencil Makes tower of 7 blocks Completes 3 piece formboard Kicks ball Walks and runs fairly well Toilet training, with assistance 3-4 years Imitates drawings of circle and cross Builds 10 block tower Imitates building of 4 block train Imitates 3 block bridge Achieving toilet independence Hand dominance Stands on one foot momentarily
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Unformatted text preview: 4 years Stands heel to toe 15 sec., eyes closed Performs finger to nose well, eyes closed Hops in place on both feet 7/5 sec. 5 years Balances on tiptoe for 10 sec. Hops 15 feet on one foot Parts lips and clenches teeth, no overflow 6 years Balances on one foot for 10 sec. Hits target (10 sq. in.) with ball from 5 feet Jumps over rope 8 inches high 7 years Balances on tiptoes 10 sec., bending at hips Walks straight line, heel to toe for 6 feet 8 years Maintains crouched position on tiptoes for 10 sec., arms extended and eyes closed Touches fingertips of one hand successively with thumb starting with little finger and repeating in reverse order...
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First Year - 4 years Stands heel to toe 15 sec., eyes...

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