Homology via different genes or developmental pathways

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Homology via different genes or developmental pathways Summary of problems with claim: The study of how genes control the development of structures is changing rapidly. An important lesson scientists are learning is that developmental pathways are modular, and that it is possible to replace one module in a pathway without changing the end result. Putting the differences in developmental pathway into an evolutionary context clarifies how homologous adult structures could be produced by slightly different means. Full discussion: Explore Evolution claims: other scientists simply dispute the neo-Darwinian explanation of homology. They contend that there are important facts about homologous structures that Common Descent cannot explain. They point out that when two or more adult structures appear to be homologous, neo-Darwinism tells us that those structures should have been built by homologous developmental pathways and homologous genes. Contrary to these predictions, biologists are learning that homologous structures can be produced
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