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Major flaws - the issues they raise a student would need to...

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Major flaws: Defining homology : Despite using the phrase over 80 times, Explore Evolution never defines "homology." The term is used as a synonym for similarity in places, is treated as if it required a given sort of developmental recapitulation elsewhere, and finally treated as if it were circularly defined and useless. These are all simply restatements of long-discredited creationist falsehoods. Convergence : Explore Evolution wrongly treats homology as if it were mere similarity, and then claims that the existence of similarity without common ancestry were evidence that no similarities are results of common descent. In fact, homology is one hypothesis among many which scientists can test, and hypotheses like convergence can also be readily tested. There is no excuse for confusing students by mixing up basic biological concepts. Development : Explore Evolution assumes that developmental similarities are necessary for homology, and assumes that students are well versed in developmental biology. To understand
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Unformatted text preview: the issues they raise, a student would need to have taken a college-level developmental biology class, and the student would then realize that this book's presentation is consistently false. Structures can in fact be homologous without sharing every step in their development. Misquoting : Prominent scientists like David Wake and Brian Goodwin are misquoted and misrepresented in an attempt to portray homology as invalid. Wake has written that "Homology is the central concept for all of biology," a far cry from the claim in Explore Evolution that Wake holds that "homology is not evidence of evolution, nor is it necessary to understand homology in order to accept or understand evolution." Similarly, Goodwin relies on homology for his research, which investigates restrictions on the sorts of variation which is likely to be seen. Explore Evolution misleads students by misrepresenting these and other scientists....
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