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Musculoskeletal System The musculoskeletal system consists of the skeletal system -- bones and joints (union of two or more bones) -- and the skeletal muscle system ( voluntary or striated muscles ). These two systems work together to provide basic functions that are essential to life, including: Protection: protects the brain and internal organs Support: maintains upright posture Blood cell formation: hematopoiesis Mineral homeostasis Storage: stores fat and minerals. Leverage: A lever is a simple machine that magnifies speed of movement or force. The levers are mainly the long bones of the body and the axes are the joints where the bones meet. Tissues There are 5 basic tissues comprising the musculoskeletal system: 1. bones , 2. ligaments (attaching bone to bone) 3. cartilage (protective gel-like subtance lining the joints and intervertebral discs),
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Unformatted text preview: 4. skeletal muscles , and 5. tendons (attaching muscle to bone). Detail views: elbow • ligament view • skeletal view • muscular view Schematic representation of the typical arrangement of musculoskeletal tissues Each of these contains various combinations of 4 connective tissue building blocks: • fibroblasts- the "mother" cell, producing the other 3 connective tissue components. • collagen- the principal protein manufactured by the fibroblast. Organized into various configurations, these long, thin fibers intertwine to form very strong fibers which do NOT stretch. • elastic fibers- highly elastic fibers, unlike collagen, particularly abundant in the walls of arteries . • proteoglycans- the "ground substance," or "matrix," in which fibroblasts, collagen, and elastic fibers reside....
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