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Oesophagus - Oesophagus The oesophagus(about 10 is the...

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Oesophagus The oesophagus (about 10") is the first part of the digestive tract proper and shares its distinctive structure. Basic tissue layers of the gut are 1. mucosa. Innermost, moist lining membrane. Epithelium (friction resistant stratified squamous in oesophagus, simple beyond) plus a little connective tissue and smooth muscle. 2. submucosa. Soft connective tissue layer, blood vessels, nerves, lymphatics 3. muscularis externa. Typically circular inner layer, longitudinal outer layer of smooth muscle 4. serosal fluid producing single layer. Stomach C shaped, left side abdominal cavity (because liver is on right). Cardioesophageal sphincter guarding entrance from oesophagus is of doubtful anatomical integrity (though functionally the diaphragmatic pinch cock serves). Pyloric sphincter guarding the outlet is much better defined. Fundus, body and pylorus recognised as distinct regions. Stomach secretes both acid and mucus (for self protection). Surface area increased by rugae. Serves as a temporary store for food which
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