Similarity of shape vs

Similarity of shape vs - Similarity of shape vs. similarity...

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Similarity of shape vs. similarity of form Summary of problems: Similarity of the structure of mole cricket forelimbs and the paws of a mole does not, in any sense, suggest homology between those structures. No one has ever suggested such a thing. Homology consists of more than similarity of shape, but similarity of underlying structures. Full discussion: It is worth noting in passing that only a few pages after complaining about the presentation of different fossil skulls without showing the different sizes of the skulls, every graphic in this chapter compares organisms and structures of very different sizes without any indication of the relevant scale. Human arms are 3 feet long, horse legs are generally around 5 feet long, bat wings are a foot or two long, and a whale flipper can stretch close to ten feet long (fig. 2:1). Mammal eyes are generally between half an inch and an inch deep, insect eyes are fractions of an inch across, and cephalopod eyes can be a foot and a half wide (fig 2:2). Ichthyosaurs were 3-6 feet long while the baleen whales EE compares them to are 40-50 feet long (fig. 2:3). A mole cricket is an inch long, a mole is closer to 8 inches long (fig. 2:4). This point is minor, but emphasizes the inconsistent approach Explore Evolution takes to its subject. EE
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Similarity of shape vs - Similarity of shape vs. similarity...

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