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SKELETAL SYSTEM - ORGANIZATION normally 206 bones 2 Main...

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SKELETAL SYSTEM - the bones of your skeleton. OSSEUS TISSUE. - Bone tissue is a type of connective tissue. Your skeleton performs several important functions. - SUPPORT and PROTECTION - BODY MOVEMENT - muscles "pull" on bones - BLOOD CELL FORMATION - hemopoiesis ' occurs in red bone marrow - STORAGE of inorganic salts - especially calcium phosphate, but also magnesium, sodium, potassium, carbonates and others
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Unformatted text preview: ORGANIZATION - normally 206 bones- 2 Main Divisions: AXIAL & APPENDICULAR 1. AXIAL: head, neck, trunk SKULL, HYOID BONE (upper neck, under jaw, mandible) VERTEBRAL COLUMN (spine/backbone) THORACIC CAGE (rib cage-12 pairs) STERNUM 2. APPENDICULAR: limbs and bones connecting the limbs to the: PECTORAL GIRDLE (scapula & clavicle), UPPER LIMBS (arms) PELVIC GIRDLE (coxal bones), LOWER LIMBS (legs)...
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