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THE APPENDICULAR SKELETON The appendicular skeleton is made up of the skeletal elements of the upper and lower members (often incorrectly referred to as the “extremities”). These members are appended (attached) to the axial skeleton. The general pattern of construction of the upper and lower members is the same as follows: Girdle. The girdle is the actual attaching part. It attaches (appends) the limb (the member less the girdle) to the axial skeleton. Proximal limb segment. The proximal segment of the limb has a single long bone. Middle limb segment. The middle segment of the limb has two long bones parallel with each other. Distal limb segment. The distal segment of the limb is made up of many long and short bones. These bones are arranged into a five-rayed pattern–the digits. PART UPPER MEMBER LOWER MEMBER GIRDLE PECTORAL GIRDLE (CLAVICLE AND SCAPULA) PELVIC GIRDLE(PELVIC
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Unformatted text preview: BONE–A FUSION OF ILIUM, PUBIS, AND ISCHIUM) PROXIMAL SEGMENT HUMERUS FEMUR MIDDLE SEGMENT RADIUSULNA TIBIAFIBULA DISTAL SEGMENT CARPUS (8 WRIST BONES)METACARPALS (5) PHALANGES (5 DIGITS) TARSUS (7 ANKLE BONES)METATARSALS (5) PHALANGES (5 DIGITS) Introduction to Basic Human Anatomy is a distance learning product that is based on the Correspondence Subcourse MD0006 of the U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School. This presentation was produced by the Brookside Associates, Ltd., which is privately-held and not connected to any governmental agency. The views expressed here are those of the authors, and unless otherwise noted, do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brookside Associates, Ltd., any governmental agencies or private organizations. This presentation is unclassified, and © 2009, with all rights reserved....
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