Two Types of Bone Tissue

Two Types of Bone Tissue - through which...

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Two Types of Bone Tissue 1. COMPACT (cortical) BONE - wall of the diaphysis, solid, strong 2. SPONGY (cancellous) BONE - epiphysis. Covered with a thin layer of compact bone. Many branching, bony "plates" Microscopic Structure - MATRIX composed of collagen and inorganic salts - OSTEOCYTES (mature bone cells) are enclosed in tiny chambers called LACUNAE and form concentric "ring" (layers) around a passageway called the HAVERSION CANAL - The osteocytes are connected by minute passages called CANALICULI (canaliculus)
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Unformatted text preview: through which tiny "branches" or processes pass- The circular layers of matrix material and osteocytes, along with the haversian canal, forms a unit called a HAVERSIAN SYSTEM. Compact bone tissue is formed in this way- The haversian canals are interconnected by passages called VOLKMANN'S CANALS. All of these canals contain blood vessels and nerve fibers...
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