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Unformatted text preview: Against Russellian-type Theories Russellian-type theories involve three of the hypotheses that are present in theory T - namely, (1), (3), and (4). The difference is that hypothesis (2), in contrast, is not accepted in its unrestricted form. For while, on a Russellian-type hypothesis, there are laws relating present and past physical events to earlier physical events, those laws are restricted in a certain respect. In particular, if the world began five minutes ago, then all physical events have at least partial, prior physical causes except for those physical events that occurred exactly five minutes ago. But the problem with any hypothesis of this sort is that the five minute period during which the physical world has existed provides evidence for the unrestricted generalization that all physical events have prior physical causes. One would be justified in restricting that generalization to events have prior physical causes....
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