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Analytical Behaviorism - Analytical Behaviorism Some...

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Analytical Behaviorism: Some Objections Recall that analytical, or logical behaviorism is the view that sentences about mental states, rather than being semantically basic, can be analyzed in terms of statements about behavior - either statements about the individual's actual behavior at a time, or else statements about he individual's behavioral dispositions, where an individual's behavioral dispositions are a matter of the behavior that the individual would exhibit if circumstances were different in various ways. Probably the most common reason offered for rejecting an analytical behaviorist account of mental states is the claim that behaviorism is incompatible with the plain evidence of introspection . The suggestion is that one is aware, in introspection, of mental states with properties which cannot be identified with behavioral states. There are some classical objections to logical behaviorism that ultimately rest upon this appeal to the evidence of introspection. Nevertheless I think that the classical arguments are
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