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As Touching Non - As Touching Non-Human Animals A Due to...

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As Touching Non-Human Animals. A. Due to superhuman agents, or as a result of the Genesis 3 curse. The second would require some explanation of apparently pre-human fossils. B. Allowed for the greater good (Swinburne). Provides humans with knowledge of the consequences of their actions (including similar actions performed upon other human beings). But - couldn't God have provided this knowledge innately? C. Provides opportunities for the performance of morally good actions - compassion, patience,... D. As integral to the nature of the animals. Austin Farrer's "Physical Accident" chapter. In Farrer's earlier book ( The Finite and the Infinite ) he argued that creation necessarily involves a "splintering of being". God created a true multitude, not a single, smoothly functioning Cosmic Machine. For such a multitude to exist, there must be a "chaos of conflicting forms", that is, each created "substance" (independent being, like an organism or a particle) must have its own drives and propensities, uncoordinated and uncorrelated with those of distinct beings.
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