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Chesterton on Reaso1

Chesterton on Reaso1 - Ivan Karamozov's Argument There is...

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Ivan Karamozov's Argument There is another argument that reinforces the point made in the last section. Even if we reject premise 1 of the agapeistic argument, denying that God's paramount desire is to love human beings, we still face a problem raised by Ivan Karamazov, a character in Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov . Ivan marshalls several stories of horrific suffering inflicted on innocent children. Ivan argues that no amount of good at the cosmic level could possibly outweigh (to one who loves these children) the horrors besetting them. 1. All small children are eligible (at least provisionally) for God's love. . 2. God wants to love all small children. 3. If x wants to love y, and y is eligible for x's love, then x does love y. 4. If x loves y, and x is able to prevent any horrific evil from besetting y, then x does revent any horrific evil from besetting y. 5. God is omnipotent. 6.
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