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Unformatted text preview: CLOSURE There are two attributes of God that Plato reaches almost immediately: animacy (life) and immateriality. Plato argues that the First Cause of motion is very similar to living humans and animals, since in both cases we see self-generated motion. Unlike inanimate matter, living organisms move spontaneously, at the direction of their desires and rationality. The first cause moves spontaneously, so it is probably alive. This seems to an argument from analogy (God is like a living thing), or perhaps an argument to the simplest explanation: why postulate two different kinds of self-generated motion when one will do? A subtle move that Plato makes is from living thing to soul. He concludes that the First Mover is an immaterial soul, not a material thing at all. What Plato seems to have in mind is something like this: matter, by its very nature, is only a passive transmitter of motion. To say that some matter (a living body) moves itself spontaneously is really to say that there is present in the...
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