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Coherentism What is coherentism? The non-skeptical alternative to foundationalism is a little more difficult to characterize precisely than foundationalism is. But one way of approaching the task of characterizing coherentism is via a bit of a historical digression. Coherence Theories of Truth 1. Coherence theories of truth are an alternative to correspondence theories of truth. Characterization of correspondence theories of truth: sentences, or statements, or propositions, have structure, and so do states of affairs in the world, and truth is a matter of a certain relation between elements of the former and elements of the latter. "Fido is a dog" illustration. 2. A coherence theory of truth as an alternative to a correspondence: truth is not a matter of a relation between propositions and something else, but simply a matter of a certain relation among propositions - what was referred to as the relation of coherence. 3. But what is coherence? The usual answer here starts out from the idea that if one considers
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