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Definition of Omnipotence The cosmological argument gave us good reason to think that God is infinite in all His attributes. The argument from design gave us reason to think of God as powerful and intelligent. By combining these two arguments, we can reach the conclusion that God must possess infinite power. What does it mean for a being to possess infinite power? We must proceed cautiously here. If we are not careful, we may introduce inconsistency into our theory of God through a faulty definition of omnipotence. Historically, the definition of omnipotence has proved to be one of the most perilous enterprises within natural theology. One very common interpretation of omnipotence supposes that God can bring about any logically possible state of affairs. This interpretation depends on our having a firm grasp of what constitutes a "logically possible state of affairs", which has proved to be quite elusive in fact. A number of apparent paradoxes of omnipotence have beset this standard approach.
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