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Epistemology Note1 - Epistemology Notes Theories of...

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Epistemology Notes Theories of Justification: Foundationalism and Coherentism The Epistemic Regress Argument 1. Notice that Lawrence Bonjour formulates the Epistemic Regress Argument in terms of knowledge, rather than in terms of justified belief, even though the only aspect of the concept of knowledge that enters into Bonjour's formulation of the argument is that the belief be justified. 2. An exposition of the Epistemic Regress Argument: First, there seem to be only four possibilities with regard to inferentially justified beliefs: (1) The regress of justification is a finite one, with the justification of a given belief terminating in one or more beliefs that are justified, but without being justified on the basis of any other beliefs. So justification terminates in non-inferentially justified beliefs. (2) The regress of justification is infinite: every inferentially justified belief is justified on the
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