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Epistemology Notes Skepticism The Scope of Skepticism The scope of skeptical challenges can vary in a number of important respects, such as the following: (1) Knowledge versus justified belief; (2) Certain knowledge versus knowledge in general; (3) Contingent propositions versus both contingent propositions and necessary propositions; (4) Inferentially justified beliefs (or inferential knowledge) versus all beliefs (or all knowledge), whether inferentially justified or non-inferentially justified; (5) Global versus local. In addition, a philosopher may either view skepticism as a thesis that is plausible, or - as in the case of Descartes - may view the temporary adoption of a skeptical point of view as an important first step in arriving at an account of the foundations of knowledge that will lead to a refutation of skepticism. Comments (1) Both the methodological skepticism of Descartes, and the substantive skepticism of Keith Lehrer are directed (at least explicitly) at knowledge claims. Thus Descartes, in the first chapter of his Meditations, when referring to "ancient and commonly held opinions" - such as the opinion that there are external objects which one perceives - says "nor will I ever lose the habit of deferring to them or of placing my confidence in them, so long as I consider them as they really are, i.e., opinions in some measure doubtful, as I have just shown, and at the same time
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Epistemology Note2 - Epistemology Notes Skepticism The...

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