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Epistemology Notes Perceptual Knowledge and the External World Central Concepts and Issues, Alternative Positions, and Important Arguments In this first section, I want to offer an overview of the issues that arise in this topic of perceptual knowledge of, or justified perceptual beliefs about, the external world. In the first section, I shall set out what I take to be the main alternative positions that there are with regard to justified perceptual beliefs about, or perceptual knowledge of, the external world Then, in section two, I shall list some important questions that one would like to be able to answer. Finally, in section three, I shall briefly list some of the important arguments that bear upon the question of which of the main alternative positions on the justification of perceptual belief is the most plausible. The Main Alternative Positions In outlining the main positions that have been advanced with respect to the issue of perceptual knowledge of, or justified beliefs about, the external world, I shall formulate the
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