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FAITH AND REASON Overview of the course -- discuss handout and syllabus. Two big questions: what can we know about God, using only our natural faculties and information commonly available? and what is the relationship between this knowledge and religious faith (in the Western, Judeo-Christian tradition)? We will look at three arguments: the cosmological argument (arguments for the existence of God as the First Cause), the design or teleological argument (arguments for the existence of a cosmic designer and creator), and the argument from evil (arguments against the existence of a good and all-powerful God, based on the existence of evil and suffering). These are not the only arguments in the philosophical tradition, but they are the oldest and most perennial. They have been popular with believers and non-believers from the time of Plato until the present. Some arguments we won't be examining: Theistic arguments: Moral arguments for the existence of perfect Justice (Kant, R.M. Adams)
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