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Further Discussion of the

Further Discussion of the - Further Discussion of...

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Further Discussion of the "Discrimination and Counterfactuals" Strategy Question: Can the Fourth Account Be Derived from the Third Account? In the Henry and the barn case, it is assumed that Henry is well acquainted with barns. Suppose that is not so. Indeed, suppose that, though it has been explained to Henry both what a building is, and what a movie set, building facade is like, Henry, having lived an unusually sheltered life, has been exposed to neither. Henry is now exposed to his first building - a barn. Does Henry know that it is a building, rather than a movie set, building facade? It seems to me very plausible to say that he does not, on the grounds that he has no basis for believing that his present visual experiences are more likely to be caused by a building than by a backless facsimile. If this is right, then, in the original Henry case, it would seem that a crucial piece of evidence that justifies Henry in believing that he is seeing a barn is the evidence that barns are much more numerous than movie sets - or at least, in his part of the world.
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