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Glossary for Lewis - petitio: a begging of the question,...

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Glossary for Lewis's The Abolition of Man bathetic: descending from the elevated to the depths of the commonplace decorum: (Latin) seemly, beautiful, graceful, suitable, fine, noble (compare the Greek kalos) dulce: (Latin) sweet experimentum crucis: (Latin) a crucial experiment, an experiment that puts the theory to the test geocentric: centered upon this planet, the Earth H. C. F.: highest common factor (what we refer to in colloquial American as the "lowest common denominator") Humani nihil a me alienum puto: (Latin) I consider nothing human to be alien to me inter alia: among other things magnanimity: generosity (literally, "great-souled") obiter dicta: incidental remarks, made without authority (e.g., by a non-expert) ordinate: balanced, rightly-proportioned, well-adjusted to its proper end ordo amoris: rightly ordered love, a love characterized by balance and right proportion paralogism: logical fallacy, a piece of incorrect reasoning
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Unformatted text preview: petitio: a begging of the question, assuming the very issue in dispute pons asinorum: literally "bridge of asses", traditionally used to refer to the fifth proposition of the first book of Euclid's geometry: the first thing beginners in a subject have difficulty "getting over" posterity: future generations (of humanity) rapprochement: (French) reconciliation, the reaching of harmony, unanimity secundum litteram: strictly or literally speaking sensibility: emotion, the faculty of feeling, sensitivity sentiments: feelings, emotional thoughts sic volo, sic jubeo: this I want, this I decree sui generis: unique in its kind, without parallel tellurian biology: the biology of life on this planet (Earth) upper forms: higher grades (in school), 11th and 12th grades venal: unscrupulous, corrupt, mercenary ule: (Greek) matter, raw material (literally "wood")...
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