Memory Beliefs and Memory Experiences

Memory Beliefs and Memory Experiences - Memory Beliefs and...

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Unformatted text preview: Memory Beliefs and Memory Experiences Perhaps the first distinction that should be drawn in approaching the question of memory knowledge is that between memory beliefs and memory experiences. A memory experience is the sort of mental state that one is in when one is consciously remembering something. But a person can also be said, at a given time, to remember something without having, at that time, any relevant memory experience, for he or she may have a memory belief that is not being consciously entertained at that time. In short, a memory experience is a conscious, occurrent state, whereas a memory belief is either a theoretical state or a dispositional state. (Some would construe a memory belief as a disposition to have memory experiences, others as a disposition to engage in relevant external behavior - possibly both verbal and nonverbal - and others as a...
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