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Non-Moral Evils I. As Touching Human Beings (Death, Pain, Suffering, etc.) A. Plantinga's Hypothesis: all such evils are caused by abuses of creaturely free will - either human or superhuman (fallen angels). Remaining problem: Plantinga must explain why God would make us so vulnerable to these evil choices. In the case of human wrongdoing, one could argue (as for instance, Lewis does in the Problem of Pain , and Swinburne in pp. 216-221 of The Existence of God ) that such mutual vulnerability is what gives human action much of its meaning and significance. But, what value is there in leaving us asymmetrically vulnerable to the actions of superhuman agents? Perhaps there are values involved here that we simply don't understand. B. The curse of Genesis 3. On this view, human beings were originally created so as to be exempt from death, disease, suffering (all pain, or only excessive, pointless pain?). After mankind's fall into sin, the natural environment of humans was changed, introducing non-moral evils. Some problems: (a) Why and
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