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Objection 6: The Argument from Analogy Presupposes Detailed Neurophysiological Knowledge. This objection arises very naturally out of the line of thought that led to the conclusion that the crucial physical states that are being correlated with mental states are physiological states, not behavioral ones. For recall that the argument in support of that conclusion appealed to the idea that if there is a causal connection between mental states and behavioral states, that causal connection must be via physiological states - and, in particular, states of the brain must enter into that causal connection. But if that is right, then the crucial connections are those between brain states and mental states, and it would then seem that it is causal laws connecting those two sorts of states that one must establish in one's own case, and then apply to others. But now one is confronted with the objection that one is not presently in any position to establish such laws. Doing that will require very careful scientific investigation.
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