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Objections to Design I. God of the gaps objection: "Design inferences are simply appeals to ignorance or incredulity. Just because we haven't yet found a naturalistic, undirected cause, doesn't mean we never will. Strictly speaking, the God of the gaps error is made whenever P(e/~h), the probability of the event's occurring without design, is simply unknown. If we know that P(e/~h) is low, then an appeal to design is perfectly reasonable. Admittedly, it can be hard at times to determine the value of P(e/~h). II. Some Objections to Swinburne's Bayesian Argument A. The prior probability of theism, P(h), might be very low (Clark makes this point). All of the intelligent agents we know are finite and corporeal, but God is supposed to be infinite and incorporeal. In addition, all the persons we know consist of highly improbably arrangements of molecules: God would have to consist of a highly improbable arrangement of "spiritual" components. Responses:
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