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One Illustration: The Nature of the Mind, and its Place in Reality Consider physics. Its goal is to provide a complete account of physical reality - including both all of the fundamental particles and forces that make up the physical world, and all of the laws that govern the those forces, and the interactions of fundamental particles. But how does the mind fit into this picture? Is it something more, something non-physical? If it is, does it act upon the physical world? Do particles in my brain behave differently because of the causal impact of my mind upon those particles? If so, then physics is not the complete story about the behavior of the things, such as electrons, that make up the physical world? So isn't there a serious tension, at the very least, between what physicists tell us about the physical world, and beliefs that most of us have about ourselves? Another Illustration: Human Freedom and Moral Responsibility, and the Determinism of Newtonian Physics In some cases, there may be more than tension: beliefs in different areas may be, or at least
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