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Plantinga on Naturalism I. A Model of Knowledge A. Knowledge is clearly different from mere true belief of opinion. One who hits on the truth by a wild guess does not know what he believes. B. A traditional model of knowledge: justified true belief. Knowledge is true belief supported by good reasons. In an important article, "Justified True Belief", Edmund Gettier produced a number of counterexamples to this traditional model. For instance, suppose I believe that the market went up yesterday, because I read that it did in the copy of the WSJ. I have true belief, supported by good reasons. However, suppose that my actual copy of the WSJ was replaced by a prankster with a phony copy, full of misinformation (except that, by chance, the phony copy correctly states that the market went up. In this case, I do not know that the market went up -- the truth of my belief is a lucky accident. C. Contemporary models of knowledge introduce the element of causation and reliability. Knowledge is a true belief that has been caused by the corresponding fact in the right way, in a
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