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PLANTINGA & PROPERLY BASIC BELIEFS I. Our system of beliefs form a 3noetic structure2. A. Some beliefs are properly basic: perceptual beliefs, memory beliefs, certainly, but also: beliefs based on testimony, belief in other minds, mathematical beliefs, belief in the uniformity of nature. B. Other beliefs are non-basic. These are inferred from, based on more basic beliefs. Beliefs in scientific theories. II. The problem of the criteria for properly basic beliefs A. Some basic beliefs are properly so beliefs it is reasonable to accept without proof or evidence. B. Is there a criterion that distinguish properly basic beliefs from improper ones? C. Classical foundationalism: all properly basic beliefs belong to one of three categories: evident to the senses, self-evident (propositions one cannot understand without knowing them to be true), or incorrigible (propositions about which one cannot possibly be mistaken). D. There is very little to be said in favor of classical foundationalism. In addition, it faces a
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