Possible Supplementation Strategies

Possible Supplementation Strategies - Possible...

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Possible Supplementation Strategies A number of strategies have been proposed for handling Gettier-cases - and also other types of cases that give rise to objections to the traditional account of knowledge as justified true belief. Among the most important suggested ways of supplementing the traditional analysis are the following: (1) The "No False Intermediate Conclusion" strategy; (2) The "No Undermining Evidence" strategy. This strategy comes in four different versions: (a) No potential undermining evidence at all; (b) No potential undermining evidence whose denial one is actually employing; (c) No potential undermining evidence that one is justified in believing not to exist; (d) No potential undermining evidence of a certain, difficult to specify sort. Comments Version (a) is mentioned, but rejected by Gilbert Harman because of an argument that he offers in the middle of column 2 on page 164. Version (b) appears to be just an alternative description of Approach 1 - the "No False Intermediate Conclusion" approach. Version (c) appears to be the approach advanced by Lehrer and Paxson, while version (d) is the one favored
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Possible Supplementation Strategies - Possible...

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