Supererogatory Goodness of Creation

Supererogatory Goodness of Creation - Supererogatory...

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Supererogatory Goodness of Creation If the many-worlds hypothesis were true, and the correct explanation of the anthropic coincidences were observer selection, then we would expect to find our universe to be a typical case of an anthropic (life-permitting) universe. Presumably, in most anthropic universes, the form of the physical laws is just barely "good" enough to make life possible. If we find that in our own universe, the constants have been fine-tuned to make life flourish, and not merely scrape by, then we would have evidence that favors theism over the many-worlds hypothesis. Much further research needs to be conducted before we can draw any confident conclusions in this area. However, there are some early indications that there is a supererogatory degree of fine- tuning in our own universe. First, there is the fact that our universe is much simpler and more uniform than it would need to be to make life possible. We find that nearly all matter in all of the universe is composed of a very few, highly homogeneous types of particles (electrons, protons, neutrons). We find that the properties of matter are extremely stable over billions of years and constant across the cosmos. Second, we find that our own earth and its solar system seems to be ideally suited for the existence of complex life, as evidenced by the astonishing variety of life on earth, filling every conceivable niche. The Rapidity of the Development of Life on Earth It is remarkable that life began on earth at almost the earliest possible moment -- within a few tens of millions of years of the first existence of liquid water on the earth's surface. The life span of our own sun is still less than half expended. Prof. Robin Collins of Messiah College has
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Supererogatory Goodness of Creation - Supererogatory...

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