The Advantages of Indirect Realism over Direct Realism

The Advantages of Indirect Realism over Direct Realism -...

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Unformatted text preview: The Advantages of Indirect Realism over Direct Realism There are, I now want to suggest, four reasons for preferring indirect realism to direct realism: (1) Indirect realism can offer a more plausible account of what beliefs can be noninferentially justified; (2) Indirect realism requires fewer basis rules; (3) Indirect realism can specify, in a non-arbitrary way, the level of confidence that is warranted in the case of beliefs about the past; (4) The question of the relation between first-person beliefs and third-person beliefs poses a problem for direct realism, but not for indirect realism. What Types of Beliefs Can Be Noninferentially Justified? This is the issue that we have just been considering. The most appealing view, it would seem, is that the only beliefs that can be noninferentially justified are beliefs about what is given in immediate experience. But if this view is correct, then beliefs about one's own present beliefs immediate experience....
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