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The Content of these Notes Given the above, I can now describe very briefly what these notes will and will not be covering: 1. These notes will be primarily concerned, first, with the analysis of fundamental epistemological concepts - such as the concepts of knowledge, and inference; secondly, with skeptical challenges to claims to knowledge and justified belief in a variety of areas - such as knowledge of the external world, knowledge of other minds, knowledge of the past, and knowledge of general laws of nature; and thirdly, with the different types of alternative accounts that can be offered of the justification of one's beliefs in various areas. 2. There are, however, other sorts of knowledge claims that people advance - concerning, for example: various religious questions, such as that of the existence of God; questions in ethics, about what actions are right or wrong, and what things are good or bad; questions in aesthetics,
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Unformatted text preview: concerning the value of different works of art. These are interesting and important questions. They are not, however, questions that will be covered here. An investigation of these and other claims to knowledge in controversial areas call for specialized discussions. This is not to say, however, that an understanding of the ways one can attempt to justify beliefs in areas that - leaving aside for the moment skeptical challenges - are relatively uncontroversial - is irrelevant to claims in more controversial areas. On the contrary, it seems to me that familiarity with the issues that arise in the more mundane areas of perceptual knowledge, knowledge of other minds, knowledge of the past, etc. can prove invaluable when one comes to examine knowledge claims in other, much more controversial areas - such as religion, ethics, and aesthetics....
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