The Inference to the Best Explanation

The Inference to the Best Explanation - The Inference to...

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Unformatted text preview: The Inference to the Best Explanation This second approach to the justification of beliefs about the mental states of others can be sketched as follows: (1) One observes physical organisms around one that exhibit behavior of a complex and sophisticated sort. (2) It is not possible to predict how an organism will behave simply on the basis of information about its present environment: different organisms behave differently in exactly the same situation. Of course one could do a much better job if one had information about the organism's past environment as well as information about its present environment. But it seems reasonable to believe that the reason that an organism's past environment affects its present behavior is that its past environment gave rise to certain internal states that have played a role in producing the internal states that the organism is currently in. And thus it seems reasonable to conclude that the theory which best explains the complex and variable behavior of organisms will be one involving...
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