The Rationality of Religious Belief

The Rationality of Religious Belief - The Rationality of...

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The Rationality of Religious Belief I. Farrer on The Believer's Reasons & The Empirical Demand A. In reality, religious beliefs are not the product of rational inferences from perceptible things. Religious beliefs have been transmitted by teaching from time immemorial and are sustained by concerns for salvation, blessedness. B. This does not make illegitimate the philosophical question about the objective truth of these beliefs. However, the philosopher must avoid the mistake of forcing the justification of religious belief into a preconceived mold (derived from science or some other model). Instead, the philosopher should consider what refinements or modifications of the scientific method may be needed in order to render God's existence knowable. (p. 16) C. Our belief in God is similar to our belief in the inner mental lives of other people. We don't rely on proofs in either case, but naturally accept certain signs as indicators. (p. 10) D. Faith is a
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