The - The "Inference to the Best Explanation"...

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The "Inference to the Best Explanation" Strategy This final approach is not so much a self-contained strategy as an idea that can be combined with other approaches, and especially with either of the first two approaches. Thus, as we just saw, when this account of inference is combined with the first approach - that is, the "no false intermediate conclusions" approach - one can derive the conclusion that either appropriate causal connections, or appropriate nomological connections, are essential if one is to have inferential knowledge - a fact that has to be simply postulated on the third - that is, the "causal connections" - approach. In addition, we saw that the inference to the best explanation route is able to handle the case of knowledge of laws of nature - something that poses a difficulty for the "causal connections" approach. It is also possible to combine Harman's inference to the best explanation account of inference with the second approach - that is, the "no undermining evidence" view. This is what Harman himself wants to do, since he thinks that in at least some Tom Grabit-type cases one fails to have knowledge because of the existence of undermining evidence that one is not aware of. 6. Summing Up: An Overview of the Alternative Supplementation Strategies
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The - The "Inference to the Best Explanation"...

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