The1 - The "Knowledge as Tracking" Strategy The...

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The "Knowledge as Tracking" Strategy The fifth supplementation strategy that I want to consider is related, in certain respects, to the previous approach, and shares with it the appeal to counterfactuals. This account is essentially that set out by Robert Nozick, and can be summed up in the slogan that knowledge is belief that tracks truth. What is meant by "belief that tracks truth"? First, a belief cannot track truth unless the belief is true. But this by itself is not enough. It must also be the case that - and here's the counterfactual element - that if the proposition in question had not been true, then the person in question would not have believed it. So, though this is not quite the view that Nozick himself advances, one might put forward the following proposed analysis: Mary knows that p means the same as (1) Mary believes that p; (2) It is true that p; (3) Mary is justified in believing that p; (4) If p had not been true, then Mary would not have believed that p. The clause added - clause (4) - formulates the tracking condition, and it is that clause that is intended to deal with problematic cases, especially the Gettier-type cases. Consider, then, a Gettier case. In view of clause (4), one has to ask, for example, whether
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The1 - The "Knowledge as Tracking" Strategy The...

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