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Theism vs. the Many-Worlds Hypothesis Many-Worlds is at least as Extravagant as Theism Up to this point, I have consistently set aside the possibility that the anthropic coincidences could be explained in terms of the many-worlds hypothesis, the hypothesis that there actually exists some very large number (perhaps infinite, at least 10 to the 200th power) of universes, similar in scale to our own observable universe, randomly varying in case to case in the precise values taken by the various physical and cosmological constants. With such a large number of actual universes, it would not be surprising that at least one of them would have life-permitting, anthropic values. Further, it is not surprising that we find ourselves in such a universe, since otherwise neither we, nor any other kind of observer, could exist. This principle is called "observer selection". I have not yet discussed this possibility, instead focussing on two preliminary issues: do the
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