Two Arguments in Support of Foundationalism

Two Arguments in Support of Foundationalism - Two Arguments...

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Unformatted text preview: Two Arguments in Support of Foundationalism Foundationalism is typically supported by two arguments: (1) The Epistemic Regress Argument Perhaps the most commonly used argument in support of foundationalism is the epistemic regress argument, which we have already considered. (2) The Evidentially Isolated, Justified Belief Argument The epistemic regress argument, if sound, shows only that if one is to be justified in believing anything, there must be some beliefs that are justified even if one cannot offer any evidence in support of them. It provides one, however, with no indication of what sorts of beliefs might be non-inferentially justified. This second argument, by contrast, focuses upon certain states of affairs, and appeals to intuitions to the effect that beliefs about such states of affairs are justified, even in the absence of other beliefs that would provide evidence for them....
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