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What Is Classical - What Is Classical, or Reductive...

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What Is Classical, or Reductive Phenomenalism? Recall that phenomenalism comes in two quite different forms. On the one hand, there is classical, or reductive phenomenalism, and, on the other, there is fictionalist, or instrumentalist phenomenalism. (It is the latter that is discussed and defended by W. T. Stace in the selection entitled, "Science and the Physical World: A Defense of Phenomenalism", in the Pojman anthology.) In what follows in this section, the focus is upon classical, or reductive phenomenalism. One way of characterizing classical phenomenalism is in terms of the claim that, although physical objects are certainly real, they are not basic entities, but, rather, what might be called "logical constructions" out of other entities. In particular, the phenomenalist claims that physical objects are logical constructions out of sense experiences. In referring to physical objects, and talking about them, one is not really referring to anything over and above sense experiences. Physical objects are reducible to sense experiences. (Analogy: Armies and nations are certainly
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What Is Classical - What Is Classical, or Reductive...

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